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Off The Trail...

Brought to you by Fish Out Of Water Events Ltd (FOOW), Off The Trail is an exciting event offer that’s a ROARING success! 


With your chosen location as the set, we’ll create an interactive experience for all to enjoy, with the help of some life-size animal friends.


How does it work?


Once we’ve worked with you to decide upon a theme and location, we plan out the walking trail. 


These sculptures are placed in themed areas throughout the location. Once visitors enter the event, they follow the signs and instructions to each exciting focal point: the models. For a nominal fee (which we suggest is donated to a favoured charity), visitors are given a themed trail map to make the experience all the more interactive.


Using the map as a guide, they follow the trail and complete the list of questions that coincide with numbered exhibits. At the end of the adventure, if all the questions are completed, participants are given a small prize. We can also provide themed hats for children, to boost visual awareness of the trail and push participation… and only add to the fun, for the whole family!

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