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ABOUT The Prop Company

What started as a modest herd of 12 dinosaurs, very quickly became a zoo-sized collection of animal models. We’ve supplied events with the very best, lifelike animals, superheroes and creatures since 2010, and now the adventure continues… 

These days, we’re a leading UK supplier of life-size models, costumes and, of course, props, for events up and down the country. 


When it comes to models, we’ve welcomed Arctic animals like polar bears and penguins, Superheroes from both the Marvel and DC universes, (that includes the Batman, Captain America and Hulk, to name a few) and safari animals like zebras, tigers and pandas. We’re always on the hunt for all kinds of weird and wonderful creatures to expand our range, to make sure you create the most exciting events and experiences, whatever the theme or location.

Whatever the purpose, be that a birthday or Christmas party, film set props or temporary decoration for the home or garden, we aim to cater to all tastes and needs. 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for further enquiries and bespoke requests - we can source specific sculptures, materials and other requirements for a nominal fee.

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